Flag Football

SFX Flag Football was established in 2007, and is the original NFL-approved Flag Football League in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our league is affiliated with the NFL Youth Flag Football Program, and is the only Flag Football league that plays in Prospect Park!

SF Flag Football in Prospect Park


The year 2007 marked the first year of NFL-Flag Football for SFX Youth Sports. We started with 6 teams playing in one division. Under the successful leadership of Tom Henderson, our program continues to grow every year.

The program is sponsored through the National Football League, which helps us provide a fun and exciting way to learn the game of football in a non-contact way. The game is fast-paced and full of action while emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship.


Division Age 2017 Fee
Rookie (Coed Instructional) 7-8 $145
NFC (Coed) 9-10 $165
AFC (Coed) 11-12 $175
NFL (Boys Only) 13-14 $185
NFL Senior Division (Boys only) 15-17 $185


Our regular season starts September 16th, 2017, and ends in mid-November. All teams make the playoffs, which start in the middle of November and are single elimination. Trophies are awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners only.


NFL-Flag Football is a non-contact sport: no tackling is allowed. Games will be played in two 20 minute halves with a 5-minute halftime. Each team consists of 10 players with 5 players at a time on the field.

The offensive team plays for a first down at midfield and a touchdown in the opponent’s end zone. Running and passing plays are allowed, although there are no-running zones at midfield and near the goal lines.

The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer and grabs the flags to stop the player from advancing. Scoring is the same as the pros: a touchdown scores 6 points with either a 1- or 2-point conversion. There is no kicking or punting.

Official NFL Flag jerseys and protective mouthpieces must be worn during play. Shirts must be tucked in during play. Football pants are allowed but not mandatory; otherwise only sweatpants or shorts with no pockets will be allowed. Flag belts must be worn around the waist with flags worn on the hip. No cleats or metal spikes are allowed–only sneakers or turf shoes are permitted. All players must wear either black shorts or black pants only.

For more information, download rules for the Rookie Division or the SFX Flag Football rules for all other divisions.


Tom Henderson is the SFX Flag Football Commissioner.

Please contact Sean Edgar with any questions.